Who’s got the best shot at an apartment in Boston right now?

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Who’s got the best chance of renting an apartment in Boston right now? At Jumpshell, we use a system that gives us access to roughly 70% of all the available apartments on the market (in addition to our own exclusive listings). I took a look at the distribution of all the apartments on the market […]

Better Boston Report: Week of 10/20

better boston

More dorms, more parking and an award winning neighborhood in Boston! Last week produced some exciting news for Boston on a number of fronts: community, transportation and housing. The issue of parking in the Seaport has become a particularly pressing issue, both for its affect on people living and working in the area, as well […]

Who’s Ending Homelessness in Boston?

homelessness in boston

Three organizations lead the charge towards ending homelessness in Boston. At the end of 2013, there were over 7,000 homeless in Boston, including 2,056 homeless children. Fortunately, Boston sees low numbers of homeless adults living on the streets compared to most major cities — 180 in total. The rest are temporarily housed in motels, congregate and emergency shelters and transitional housing […]

Dear donor, thank you for the Mass Ave Bridge project.

mass ave bridge project

  To the anonymous donor funding the Mass Ave Bridge illumination project — Boston needs more examples like you. Dear anonymous donor, On behalf of the entire team at Jumpshell, thank you so much. Your incredibly generous donation highlights a philanthropic channel often overlooked by the world’s benefactors. In cities like Boston and Cambridge, we have the […]

Moving Day in Boston: accident-prone overpasses to note

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Here are the heights of accident-prone overpasses in Boston. Moving in Boston is not easy and it’s hard to keep track of everything — so I wanted to take some of the stressful guesswork out of driving a big truck through Boston. Ahh! This post should help anyone who’s renting their own moving truck to […]

How to move when your leases don’t overlap.

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You have to move out 8/31, but can’t move in until 9/1. What do you do?! When your leases don’t overlap, you’ll need to call upon your inner nomad — it won’t be ideal, but you can have some fun with it. This post was inspired by an eponymous post on reddit, “How to move when […]

Just moved? Here’s who to follow in Boston.

who to follow in boston

New to town? Here’s who to follow in Boston! Follow these Twitter accounts to get caught up and plugged into the scene in Boston fast. At Jumpshell, I get a lot of questions from renters who’ve just moved to the area. A lot of them ask me “Where can I find out about X, Y, or Z?” […]

GLX Will Seriously Change Renting in Somerville

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  Renting in Somerville could soon be 25%-67% more expensive. Although GLX sounds like the latest performance enhancing drug, it’s actually an abbreviation from one of the most talked about transit additions to the Boston area (besides Uber and Bridj) — the Green Line Extension. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) recently prepared an analysis to illuminate the magnitude […]

How to Throw a Block Party in Boston

how to throw a block party in boston

Stop wondering how to throw a block party in Boston. Get all the info here and actually do it! Block parties are one of those activities that lots of people say “we should do that” but never actually do it. I love Boston and I love seeing Boston full of life and energy, so I’m hoping this […]

How to Airbnb Your Apartment in Boston

how to airbnb in boston

Everything you need to know about how to Airbnb your apartment in Boston. If you’re considering Airbnb-ing out your apartment (or room) in Boston, there are a few things to know about effective hosting and a really cool website called Guesty that can help manage the whole hosting experience for you. Here we go! First things first […]