MBTA Green Line Extension


Taking a closer look at the MBTA’s Green Line extension

When the Big Dig was officially “completed” on December 31st, 2007, a number of public transportation projects were included as part of an environmental mitigation plan to offset the effect of bringing in so much new automobile traffic. One of those projects was the extension of the Green Line, which will feature three new stations in Cambridge and Somerville by 2017, thanks to a recently signed $393 million contract from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Green Line Extension

The new stations include:

  1. A new Lechmere Station across the street from the current terminal in East Cambridge
  2. A new station in Somerville’s Brickbottom neighborhood* (northernmost pin on the map above)
  3. A station in the city’s Union Square neighborhood*

*Somerville is making the Green Line extension the backbone of a 20-year urban development plan called SomerVision that will seek to build 6,000 new housing units in Somerville.

According to Boston.com, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Board agreed unanimously to the Green Line extension contract. Although this contract is a major victory in moving the extension forward, the project has been fraught with delays. WBUR reported in a September 2011 article:

Originally the green line extension was to be completed September 2011. Then it was pushed to 2014, later to 2015. Then last month, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation proposed revising the timeframe again, with passenger service beginning between 2018 and 2020.

Beyond the three stations listed above, the state plans to extend the line through Somerville along Broadway to the Tufts University campus in Medford, adding another four stops.

Feel free to check out the MBTA Green Line Extension Facebook page (click the image below) to get updates on the project.

Green Line Extension

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