The Worst Craigslist Apartment Listings


Why are Craigslist apartment listings so BAD?

Jumpshell looks at a lot of Craigslist apartment listings. We like to keep tabs on the worst way to find apartments, so we can continue building the best way to get informed on finding apartments. Beyond looking like what nails on a chalkboard sounds like, they are almost completely devoid of any information that’s helpful in letting you know if you’ll even enjoy living there.

Without further ado, here’s our weekly recap of some of the worst listings out there (in Boston alone)…we wish it was harder to find these.


Only the strongest decryption software can read this headline with ease.

$1300 Open Layout studio Wash. Sq.

Open layout = no walls. And remember, the entranceway is supposed to look like something out of Cabin in the Woods.

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$1400 / 1br – Perfect and Half Fee

Because nothing says “perfect” like a toilet.

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$3000 / 3br – ~~~Brand New Listing===>(((Killer Renovation!)))+Hot Location!!!

Killer renovation…I wonder how many contractors were lost in the renovation process?

$1200 Winning in Perfect Location

Because nothing says winning….like a toilet.

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$2000 / 2br – {(( ( [ { {( { 30 Second Walk to Red-Line! } )} } ] ) ))}

This magical apartment is only 30 seconds from the Red Line, but 1 minute from the T…that’s some Harry Potter stuff right there.


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